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New Generation Private School uniform consists of a dark blue colour shirt and an elegant beige colour pants or skirt. The story behind this new look has been refined joyfully to accompany NGPS’s growing modern representation.

Blue is the colour of the sky and oceans, which can leave a calming effect on us and it can develop significant impacts to mind and body according to many researches. Choosing dark blue in the school uniform aimed to represent the idea of focusing on mind and body development in providing foundation level education to kids. The colour dark blue is mostly associated with expertise and stability which correspond to two of the characteristics of the education that NGPS is aiming to provide. Accompanying this shirt with beige colour bottoms aims to represent a calming, modern and elegant look. The colour beige gives a sense of tranquillity and credibility.

In the grand scheme of these representations and its association with NGPS logo which describes gathering the colours of a rainbow behind a determinant eagle and represents a constant moving forward to better standards with diversified drivers, NGPS is giving a new impulse to its continuous efforts in constructing a high quality educational institution. It not only shows a dignified stance in the education community in Bahrain but also it aims to exhibit positive attitudes by our students.