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Primary School Facilities

New Generation Private School Key Stage 1 and 2 level classrooms offer a dynamic environment which brings students from different backgrounds with various abilities and personalities together and allows implementation of creative and innovative teaching strategies.

Interactive Classrooms

New Generation Private School ICT Lab aims to enhance students’ understanding of technology and offers desktop PCs to each student to practice what they learn during ICT lessons. E-safety is embedded into curriculum, taught and discussed with students to lead them to use technology tools responsibly.


New Generation Private School Science Lab aims to promote cooperative learning and allows students to conduct scientific experiments. It is a well-lit and airy room equipped with an interactive board. There are also two washbasins and a safe well-planned storage system.

Science Lab

NGPS Library is a well-lit reading area that promotes love of reading and offers various books in both English and Arabic. Best readers are regularly given certificates of appreciation during morning assemblies to show the importance of getting habit of reading at an early age.


NGPS welcomes all nationalities although the school is 75% Muslim. Therefore, Islamic and Bahraini values are embedded in the school community well. Students who are not taking Islamic class have selective courses to take while their Muslim classmates take Islamic class.

Islamic Class/Prayer’s Room

NGPS offers a well-lit and airy classroom dedicated to art class in which students can feel comfortable and free to use their imagination and be creative. Classroom also aims to promote collaborative learning.

Art Class

New Generation Private School always maintains a nurse on duty at school with essential emergency kits and the nurse room is equipped with a resting area in case students or any staff member may need to rest for a while due to a health condition.

Nurse Room

New Generation Private School aims to help young children to understand the importance of physical activity and offers a big outdoor playground accessible only to Primary students, offering football and basketball fields as well as a resting area belonging to the school cafeteria.

Outdoor Playground

New Generation Private School Multipurpose Hall is technically equipped to hold special celebrations and events as well as to hold indoor morning assemblies while outside school grounds get cold and windy.

Multipurpose Hall