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Early Years Assessment

Like Primary school students, there is a diagnostic test in the beginning of the academic year for Foundation Stage students too. However, this diagnostic test aims to provide information about the child's level of development and to identify his/her developmental needs. It is not a traditional test that your child can pass or fail. Children are assessed at the Foundation Stage, and the results are recorded as a Foundation Stage Profile. This profile enables teachers to see how your child has progressed and if they have reached the early learning goals set in each of the learning areas. Teachers will record your child's achievements throughout the Reception year based on their own observations.

Early Learning Goals are as follows:

Communication and language development

  • Listening and attention 
  • Understanding (e.g. following instructions, responding to questions) 
  • Speaking 

Physical development

  • Moving and handling (showing good control and coordination in large movements, like climbing, and small, like using scissors) 
  • Health and self-care 

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

  • Self-Confidence and Self-Awareness 
  • Managing Feelings and Behaviour
  • Making relationships 


  • Reading 
  • Writing 


  • Numbers 
  • Shape, Space and Measures 

Expressive Arts and Design

  • Exploring and using media and materials (including music and dance) 
  • The World 
  • Being imaginative 


  • Numbers 
  • Shape, Space and Measures 

Early Learning Goals set out what the average child is expected to be able to do at the age of 5. Addition to these goals, there are also three more characteristics of learning that your child will be developing. These are:

  • Playing and Exploring  
  • Active Learnings 
  • Creating and Thinking Critically 

These three characteristics play an important part in your child’s ability to learn. They also enable their Grade 1 teacher to understand their level of development and their learning needs as they move into Key Stage 1.