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Why NGPS ?

NGPS, home to more than 31 student nationalities across the globe, is an organisation engaged in Cambridge Primary Curriculum from K to Grade 6. We are an independent, private school with a structure, style and traditions that emanate from a curriculum and methodology that reflect the best in worldwide educational research and practice.

Set in a strategic location, we provide a learning environment which is more continuous, more relevant and more adaptive.

As a British affiliated school, our students learn best through lessons accompanied with fun and engaging activities. At NGPS, we believe that we have the unique opportunity to foster the development of global citizens of the future.

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Our NGPS academic profile tells it all.

  • 247Students: 154 Boys(62%) - 93 Girls(38%)
  • 150New Admissions A/Y 2018
  • 247Students: 76 KG(31%) - 171 GR1-GR6(69%)
  • 144Promoted Students
  • 247Students: 58 Bahraini(23%) - 189 Non Bahraini(77%)
  • 247101 (41%) Using NGPS Transportation - Using Private Transportation 146(59%)
  • 32Nationalities
  • 2Social Counselors
Our Facilities
Early Years

Our Nursery, Preschool & Kindergarten Facilities are premium and spacious to conduct activities.

Outdoor Facilities

The school has its own very spacious grounds.

Our Classes

Our classrooms are spacious and accommodate quite comfortable class sizes.

Science Lab

The School’s Science Lab is well equipped with the latest laboratory equipment.

Our Library

Our School Library is a place for your child to learn and explore.

Interactive Classrooms

The interactive classrooms enhance classroom activities in both ways i.e. teaching and learning.

We are NGPS.

Early Years Foundation Stage (Nursery / Reception) is for children aged three to five years old and is the first stage of their education. The key focus during this part of the curriculum is on teaching them routine and easing them into the idea of learning in a structured environment.

Early Years

NGPS Bahrain offers a value-based British education and is one of the few reasonably priced private schools in Bahrain to offer world-class standards of education.

Primary School

You can now register your child for the academic year 2022-2023. Get in touch with us and join our international community!

There's something for everyone at NGPS!