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Principal's Message

It was a pleasure and a challenge to be appointed as Principal of New Generation Private School. Education has given me the opportunity in life to achieve more than my origins would have suggested. One of the key reasons I chose teaching as a career was the chance to give others the same possibilities. My small Primary School in rural Cornwall gave me a solid start by focusing on the core values of Literacy, Numeracy and Life Skills – which is the exact phrase I chose for NGPS. My promise to all our parents and pupils is we will work hard to develop the foundations of a strong education in your child’s first school years and send them to their middle and high schools with the ability to succeed and with the widest range of university choices still open to them.

Another value I learned from my Primary School was a school should be judged by how well its weakest pupils develop. That is not to ignore the strong and the on standard children, they are important too, but those who find learning the most difficult need the greatest help and encouragement.

My final value is a principal should to accessible and available to parents. Whether you are happy or unhappy with myself or the school, I am always available and can be reached by email, DoJo or face to face meetings.

I would like to close by thanking everyone involved in the school, the directors, the staff, the children and especially the parents who make NGPS the school it is.

Yours in education,

Liam Bellamy, MA

Principal of New Generation Private School